Welcome to SK Clothing!

We create beautiful, high quality clothing for people with special needs, right here in New Zealand.


Adding dignity to everyday life

SK Clothing has been created to be functional, but at the same time look great. From adults in residential care to children with special needs at home, SK Clothing adds style and dignity to everyday life.

SK Clothing caters for people with special needs, from early childhood to adulthood.

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All the special features you need

Quick and easy fasten

SK Clothing uses special fastening domes instead of tricky buttons or ties, which make our feeders and bandanas quick and easy to put on.

Our rainwear is also designed to be quickly thrown on over a wheelchair or scooter when the sky opens and you're out and about.

Special 3-layer design

Our special three-layer design of selected products features a top layer of coloured cotton, a middle layer of moisture-holding towelling, and a water resistant back layer to help keep clothes dry. 

Our bandanas and popular feeders come with this feature.

Hand made in NZ

When you buy from SK Clothing, you can rest assured that your purchase was lovingly hand made right here in New Zealand by a passionate team of local sewers.

We carefully quality check every piece before packaging it up for you, so you know your item is of the best quality.